niedziela, 22 czerwca 2014

"Chciałabym bardziej zaangażować się w akcje charytatywne" - wywiad z Dirdy Birdy - inspirującą postacią światowego pole dance

Dirdy Birdy znana również jako Anh Le od wielu lat inspiruje osoby wokół siebie nie tylko, by "wskoczyły na rurkę", ale by pozytywniej spędzały swoje życie. Dla wielu osób jest promyczkiem, który rozświetla codzienność i daje energię, by iść dalej.


I’ve only entered two competitions and both were just small competitions held by studios. No championships yet for me. I came 2nd in my first, comp, and I won my second comp. I’m really scared of competing!

Besides my pole? My iphone. I’m addicted to it unfortunately. 


Icarus is my fav move at the moment. Superman and cupid are also ones I use often. I like pretty, feminine spins.

Natalia Maria Wojciechowska: How your pole dance adventure started?

Dirdy Birdy: I was at a strip club and I was transfixed by a pole dancer doing simple tricks on the pole. I was amazed by a simple Gemini! Thought she looked beautiful and also strong. I then started classes shortly after that at Bobbis pole studio. Fell in love with it straight away. 

NMW:  How your family/friends reacted to your passion?

DB: My friends weren’t interested when I asked them to do pole dancing with me, so I went on my own. I think since then they’re a bit more interested cause they see what a great workout it is. As for my family, they were ok with it. I made sure to tell my parents its ‘exercise’ haha Now they are totally supportive of me and my passion for pole. They have seen how happy I am because of it.

NMW: Do you realize that you are inspiration and source of motivation for many? 

DB: Yes, girls tell me often they started pole because of one of me. Or that they are motivated to practice by watching me. I love that! How does it feel? It feels bloody amazing. Very fulfilling and totally flattering! 

NMW: What was you best and worst pole dance experience? 

DB: The best memories are when I perform at charities. Doing something I love for a charitable cause is pretty awesome. And afterwards they tell me I’ve made them think about pole dancing differently. Fantastic. The worst was a very bad fall where I landed on my face lol Besides falling, there hasn’t been many bad experiences with pole

NMW: Did you have any unpleasant situation just because someone "found out" you train pole dance? 

DB: No, I’m lucky that I’m able to be public with my pole dancing. All my friends and family know about it. I never had to hide it

NMW: Right now there is a strong new direction in pole dance - pole sport - what do you think about that? 

DB: I have no problem with pole branching off into different styles. Pole ‘sport/fintess’ or pole ‘dance, there is room for both. Whatever someone else does with pole doesn’t affect what I love about pole, and won’t stop me from dancing.

 NMW: Do you think pole sport has chance to be olimpic sport? 

DB: I think it is possible for pole to become an Olympic sport. As to wether I’m for or against it, I’m for anything that brings more awareness to pole J
NMW: What is that you love so much about pole dance? 

DB: Pole has been such a positive influence in my life. Physically, emotionally, and career wise. My body has been transformed by pole. To dance is like flying and very freeing. I love that I can lose myself in a song and a dance. It’s a great outlet for me creatively. And above all, I feel like I’ve contributed something, that I’ve been a positive influence on someone else’s life. That’s unbeatable. Another thing is it’s allowed me to share my love of veganism-  To inspire, motivate and educate many people on another issue  that’s important to me. 

NMW: You are very known and you have achieved so much - do you still have any pole dance dream? 

DB: My dream is to be able to sit on my own head. Haha. Besides wanted to get more flexible and stronger, I want to teach in some way.  Perhaps open a studio in the distant future, or DVD’s or perhaps a touring workshop, any of the above would be great and Is on my to do list. 

NMW: What would you say to a person who wants to start, but is afraid of being criticized and is afraid of bad pole dance reputation? 

DB: I would tell them to try it and if they like it to continue to pole and keep it a secret if it will affect their career. As for friends and family, just show them beautiful videos from Kazree, Marlo, Jenyne, Anastasia, the list goes on. That should keep them happy  while you do your thing, sexy or not. We have a limited time alive so make the most of it. 

NMW: What is first thought you often wake up with?

DB: Hi Billy, Stewie, Minty!

NMW: Do you want anything to change in your life? 

DB: I want to do more charity work. Always thinking but not enough action. Hopefully I get my butt into gear and do more. And eat less chocolate (vegan chocolate)!

Zdjęcia pochodzą z prywatnego archiwum Dirdy Birdy oraz FB Dirdy Birdy, do którego polubienia zachęcamy.