piątek, 14 marca 2014

Kate Czepulowski, czyli Bendy Kate - zawodniczka polskiego pochodzenia w wielkim świecie pole dance

Kate Czepulowski bardziej znana jako Bendy Kate zasłynęła w świecie pole dance ze swojej naturalnej gibkości oraz charakterystycznych układów, w których pięknie wykorzystuje swoje predyspozycje. Obecnie jest jedną z najbardziej rozpoznawalnych zawodniczek pole dance, która jest zapraszana na pokazy, warsztaty dosłownie wszędzie, gdzie można to sobie wyobrazić i występuje na prestiżowych zawodach zdobywając najwyższe miejsca na podium. Ostatnio wygrała World Pole Dance Championships, tym samym stając się najbardziej pożądaną poledancerką w środowisku. O sobie, o pole dance i nie tylko - w specjalnym wywiadzie dla blogu Pole Dance Polska opowiada Bendy Kate - tancerka, gimnastyczka, zawodniczka pole dance o polskich korzeniach (wywiad w języku angielskim).

Natalia Maria Wojciechowska: How did your pole dance adventure begin?

Kate Czepulowski: I started pole at my university in Bristol, UK. There was a pole fitness society and I thought it sounded amazing so I joined.

NMW: What was the hardest? Pole dance itself or people around?

KC: Pole dance! Of course - people are warming to the idea of pole quickly.

NMW: How long did you train for before you started to take part in competitions?

KC: 9 months and that was just amateur competitions.

NMW: Were you immediately that good and regarded by others as one of the best? Or was it a process that you aimed for and worked hard for?

KC: I'm an ex acrobat so I guess I stood out in class. My instructor didn't know what to do with me because she had already taught me the whole syllabus in two lessons so instead I just started going to practice sessions and learning of other people and teaching myself instead of taking lessons. But don't get me wrong - even though pole came to me quite naturally I still work really hard to be the best I can be!

NMW: What would be your suggestion to people who fail few first times at competitions?

KC: There's no such thing as failing at a competition! You will learn so much from every competition, but keep going and eventually you will reach your dreams whether they are to win over the audience or win over the judges. 

NMW: How your friends, relatives reacted to you pole dancing?

KC: My family love it! They're so proud of me. My dad once said to me, "if I could quit my job and just travel around the world with you I would" and my polish grandma always says to me, "I always knew since you were little, I knew you had no bones", hehe.

NMW: Do you sometimes get to hear strange comments about pole dance or you pole dancing?

KC: Of course - but it's just from uneducated or old fashioned people so it doesn't bother me.

NMW: Do you have your idol? Or source of inspiration?

KC: I have loads and they're all my best pole dancing pals from around the world! Chinese pole is a big inspiration to me.

NMW: What pole dance is for you?

KC: Unleashing my creativity!

NMW: What are your plans for next months/years?
KC: To try and do my best in all the major competitions that I look up to around the world, and to keep improving my pole and circus skills. My ultimate goal would be to be asked to be in Cirque du Soleil.

NMW: Will you continue to compete?

KC: Of course, there is so much more I want to acheive!

NMW: What would you say to a person who wants to start pole dancing but is afraid of comments and is afraid is she gonna make it at all?

KC: You never know until you've tried it! Plus you don't start a sport because you're good at it - you start it to get good at it!

NMW: Is there anything you would like to change about your past life or current one?

KC: Nope - I think everything happens for a reason.

NMW: Is there one though you often wake up with? What is it?

KC: Yes - I feel stiff!! Haha, ironic as my nickname is Bendy Kate, but I hate the first feeling when you wake up after keeping so still for the night.

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